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nepoz education YOUR DREAM FOR HIGHER EDUCATION Aim for the best in every step of life for better education Meet with us Achieve your goal Lets plan your career We are the best education consultancy for your dream come true Ask for Consultation together PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES We provide expert consulting and career advice to students to ensure their study in Australia is a successful and enjoyable journey. Connect with expert



We been working effectively in both instructive and movement industry by helping customers. Our group includes in-house movement attorney and affirmed instruction operators who has dominated and sustained their insight through taking care of various complex cases in both area.

Education Services

Our mission is to guide and assist students through various Australian educational institutions to achieve their career goals. We work with learners to serve their bright future with appropriate counseling and accurate facts

Visa Services

We provide all the necessary Guidance & information for visa extension or visa application, Onshore and Offshore.

Professional Year & Career Advice

Professional courses and Internship Programs offered at competitive rate for different courses for students who seek to get an extra  points to apply General Skilled Migration.

Quality Resourcing

Proper advice and encouragement will change the course of your life and contribute to achievement. We give real advice and updated to ensure  the service process about their situation.


We helps for Interview preparation , Orientation on general travel preparation ( items allowed/ items restricted). We provide Bank loan assistance. We help in legal Translation services and Notary.

Healthcare Services

OSHC is an insurance program to help foreign students cover the medical and hospital care expenses. The OSHC would also pay for pharmaceuticals and emergency services with minimal benefits.



We guide and empower students to realize their education and migration aspiration by offering credible information. We support students and individuals during the process of admission or application so that they can rely on us and be free of the stress.

We aim to provide expert consulting and career advice to students


NEPOZ education Services  has been offering independent consulting & visa services to students intending to pursue their higher education overseas. The head office and management is based in Sydney, however, we also operate through our branch offices in Nepal. We aim to provide expert consulting and career advice to students to ensure their study in Australia is a successful and enjoyable journey.

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.


We make it our objective to understand you, assist in creating your vision. We serve for your better future and focus on your growth while managing what matters most to you.


We identify your goals and strongly work towards achieving outcome. The sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value and resolving your problems. We are the name you can trust.


We have a dedicated team of professionals with vast experience in education and visa services to assist you in every step of your process. We value every client and provide tailored service and advice specific to client scenario to achieve desired outcome.